Labuan Trust Company

An asset owner set-up a Trust as a way to look after his/her assets. The owner, which in a Trust relationship is known as a Settlor, sets up a legal arrangement with one (or more) Trustee. The Trustee is made legally responsible, to hold and manage the assets for the Trust’s Beneficiaries, as according to the Trust Deed

Common purpose of Labuan Trust

Trusts are set up to safeguard and manage assets, such as money, properties and investments, as stated in the Trust Deed (by Settlor) to:

  1. Manage and protect family assets
    • when childĀ or successor is too young to manage the assets
    • when someone is unable to manage due to incapacitation
  2. Transfer of wealth or succession planning
    • to pass on the assets while alive or after death (according to terms and conditions as stated in the will


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