Labuan Foundation

We can help you to set up a foundation in Labuan for different purposes such as a charitable foundation, family foundation or private foundation. Whatever your intention or objective are or if you are still uncertain on how a Labuan offshore foundation can help you, speak to us today and let us advise, structure and deliver a solution according to your needs.

Common uses for setting up a foundation in Labuan

Foundations are set up to hold assets, either on behalf of families or organizations for:

  • Private Wealth Management
  • Charity

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Benefit and Advantages of Labuan Foundation

Why set up a foundation and why choose Labuan? Here are some benefits to you or your organization

Asset Protection

A Foundation is a separate legal entity, as a registered corporate entity on its own. It can enter into contracts and transactions on its own

  • Protection from potential foreign and creditor claims made against beneficiary of the Foundation
    • Includes forceful liquidation claims to meet obligations arising from creditors, lawsuits or divorce
  • Protection against forced heirship
Flexibility and Confidentiality
  • Not restricted to any compulsory perpetuity period
  • Information relating to Foundation is confidential and kept anonymously
  • No Foreign Exchange control imposed
Cost efficient and Tax Savings
  • Simple tax systems in Labuan. For non-trading activities, no charges for taxation.
  • No withholding tax
  • No capital gains tax
  • No inheritance tax
  • No stamp duties for any offshore business activities

Structure of a Labuan Foundation

The diagram below explains the structure, composition and functions of those involved in a Labuan Foundation

Simple Structure

Labuan Foundation Simple Structure

Labuan Foundation Simple Structure

Composition and Functions

Labuan Foundation Composition

Labuan Foundation Composition

The following diagram below is an example of a real life sample structure of a Labuan Foundation.



Structure Example

Labuan Foundation Structure Sample

*Kindly note that this is a non-exhaustive example. Please contact us for an obligation free consultation to suit your needs and goals

Characteristic of Labuan Foundation

  • No minimum capital is required.
  • Exists “in perpetuity”
  • All aspects of the foundation is kept confidential except for the charter.
  • There is no statutory requirement for an audit unless ordered by the Court.
  • A foundation established in another jurisdiction can be legally re-domiciled to Labuan and vice versa, provided that the other corresponding jurisdiction permits.
  • A Labuan Foundation is protected from foreign claims and cannot be forcefully liquidated to satisfy other obligations such as claims arising from divorce, lawsuit or creditors.
  • Council members do not owe fiduciary duty to beneficiaries and hence, this eliminates competing beneficiaries’ interests.
  • All Labuan Foundations are expected to carry on business in any currency other than the Malaysian currency except as permitted by the relevant authorities.


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