Characteristic of Labuan Company

Understand the characteristic of a Labuan Company

Share Capital

Permitted Currencies : In any foreign currencies except Malaysian Ringgit
Minimum share issue : One share in any denomination in foreign currency


Minimum number : One (either individual or corporate entity)
Residency requirements : Resident director is optional
Corporate directors : Allowed
Meetings/frequency : As Per Articles of Association


Bearer shares : Not allowed
Minimum number : One (either individual or corporate entity)
Public share registry : There are no public records of Labuan companies
Meetings/frequency : Yes, at least one annually


Annual return : Filed annually not later than 30 days from the anniversary of the date of the incorporation of the Labuan company
Audit requirements : Optional, but required for Licensed Labuan Companies and Labuan Companies opting to pay 3% tax per annum on audited net profits


Registered Office : Yes, must be in Labuan, which shall be the principal office of a Labuan trust company
Domicile : Change in domicile is permitted

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