Labuan Offshore Corporate, Business and Company Services


Protect your Wealth and Legacy with Indah Trust Limited.

We understand that building wealth and legacy takes both time and effort.

Safeguard your best interest from any unplanned circumstances. We have the expertise and experience in Labuan and other offshore regions; as your one-stop professional Labuan offshore corporate and company solution provider

Labuan Offshore Company Formation

Optimize your business earning by taking advantage of Labuan’s low tax rate and tax-free structures

Labuan Trust

Safeguard your wealth and make sure it is passed on safely to your beneficiaries through a legal arrangement.

Labuan Foundation

As part of our Family Office Services, manage and consolidate your assets, to protect and transfer your wealth for your next generation

Labuan Funds

We are a one-stop solution to implement and administer private investment funds, private equity and hedge funds

Why Choose Labuan?


001There are no clients too big or too small to enjoy the benefits from our professional solutions. Contact us today for non-obligatory consultation for us to understand your personal needs.

We also provide assistances in applying for the following licenses in Labuan